Top 3 Cellphones 2014

There are so many cell phone options, deciding which one to purchase can be a chore. You need be sure your new phone does everything you need it to do; overlooking features is a mortal sin when buying a cell phone you may have for years to come. These top 3 phones for 2014 are tech powerhouses with more battery-life, more capabilities, and less lag than the phones of yesterday. And if you still swear by your Blackberry, you’ll be thrilled with the one on this list.

Meet the LG Optimus F7 Android

For anyone new to the world of smart phones, the LG Optimus F7 meets all the criteria for awesome. This Android with a sleek design does more than just look good -- it’s an overachiever. Its incredibly long-life battery offers up to 13 hours of talk time. That’s almost unheard of! Its Qslide multitasking feature increases its ease-of-use factor significantly. With lots of features, excellent voice quality, and a fast processor, Optimus F7 is an all-around winner. Games can be played with no lag-time, and music sounds great through both headphones and speakers. Its 4.7 inch HD screen with Gorilla Glass 2 means durability along with high-definition entertainment, and the screen is significantly larger than the iPhone 5’s. It also features an accurate GPS. This one is hard to beat.

Behold the Blackberry Q10

The Blackberry Q10 is a must-have for people who like having an actual keyboard instead of just a touch screen. It offers all the features you would expect in a Blackberry and adds a few surprises. The keyboard is there, but it’s new and improved. Its keys are a little larger, making it easier to type. Home screen shortcuts make it simple to use the smart phone capabilities. The 3.1 inch OLED touch screen reveals sharp images. Lightweight, and durable, this version of the Blackberry is made for people on the go. Expect to see it sometime during spring of 2014.

Savor the Samsung Galaxy X4

The Samsung Galaxy X4 is another powerhouse. Its 5-inch, 1080 pixel screen makes for crisp entertainment, and the 1.9GHz processor means almost no lag on games. There are dual cameras on this beauty: a 13 mega-pixel rear-facing camera and 2 mega-pixel front-facing one. The most exciting feature on this phone might be all the new software that Samsung is releasing along with it. The X4 will be in stores sometime during spring of 2014.

If you need a smart phone, you can’t go wrong with any one of these choices. The LG Optimus F7, the Blackberry 210, and the Samsung Galaxy X4 are destined to be the top three phones of 2014. All are priced in the mid-range. They’re not cheap phones, but they aren’t wallet-busters. To break it down in simplest terms: If you’re looking for battery life, go with the LG. If you’re reading messages all day long, the Q10 is for you. If gaming is your thing, you’ll love the X4.